VICTAGEN Bike lights


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Hey folks, I'm writing this because I was thoroughly impressed by this product. I received the light yesterday and went on a 24 mile ride this morning. I started in the morning around 4:30 and it was pitch black on the path I take, which is a paved trail in Williamsburg, VA called Capital Trail. If anyone does rides like this knows the dangers of deer darting around and not just a few deer. I thought the herd was out this morning. Besides deer, there are rabbits and frogs that like to jump on the path. My guess is the coolness of it at night. To make a comparison. My old light did not shine far enough for any reaction time. So I have to ride slow and do short runs. Afterwards, I have frog guts splattered on my bike and memories of things I couldn't see darting all around me. Not a good feeling. This morning I used the new light and OMG, I would have taken pictures of how far I could see, but good old country bugs were so attracted to it, I had to keep going. I had to mount mine on the side, but it was great, because when other cyclist, runners or cars came into view, I just angle it down a tad and put it back when we passed each other. I highly recommend to not used the strobe, unless it's an emergency. The light is that bright that it can disorientate people. As the sun rose I lessened the brightness. They provide shims so it can be mounted almost anywhere on the handlebars and as you see in the picture, I put mine on the neck, below the gears. My aero bars and how I have the bike set up kinda got in the way. On the other hand, my wife's bike has the typical set up and if you want to angle it down, just give it a nudge, or side mount it adjust it. It does take a while to charge, but I rode for 2 hours and it only went down to 85%. I didn't use the power bank part of it yet, I'm sure that's what helps tremendously on battery life. So, lots of pros and the only con is...nothing. On future rides, if I run into an issue, I will update the review, but for now, I am totally satisfied. I would not pass this up.

Laurence Downey

Light is bright.

This is a nice upgrade for my escooter. I ride my gotrax to work and the trail I ride on is really dark in the morning. Using the stock builtin light on the gotrax, I can only see so far/near ahead that I slow down from 15.5mph down to around 11mph and even that is fast after spotting a creeper in the dark (humans with no flast lights) and hitting the brakes. With the light upgrade, I ride the max limit of the scooter comfortably at 15.5mph with plenty of view in the dark.

This light upgrade is much brighter. I try angle it downward because it is so bright. I also turn it off if I am riding on the sidewalk on the side going against traffic and I just use the fog light.

I did kind of mod the mount to allow it go on the larger handle bar - aesthetic bar. Not really mod it, I just stuck it on there and used the strap from that free tail light to hold it on the bar. I didn't use the free tail light, I had ordered a different one that has a rechargeable battery. I don't even know to change the batteries on the free tail light, I have been puzzled for days now.

I liked this light a lot so I ordered a 2nd Victagen -- same model, the one with the fog light. It is hard to see the view distance on camera, but I can see a pretty good distance ahead for going 15.5 mph and being in a really dark area and in the fog. I would feel safe to go 20mph if my scooter was able to. For distance, how many feet is it for like living in the city and having the light at one house and I can see creepers at the house on the other side of the street in moon light dark.

Tyee Cambron

I tested this with the included Li-ion cells and with a pair of AA Energizer LiMH rechargeables, and it worked perfectly for both pairs. (Life tip: DON'T try to recharge Energizer lithium batteries in ANY charger unless the batteries are specifically labeled as RECHARGEABLE. They will explode.)

This charger also has an unexpected capability built in. It can function as a battery pack to recharge your USB devices. I don't think I will ever use this feature, but I tested it anyway with the included cells. It works well, but one little nit I had with it was that only the left battery slot provides power. When that battery was depleted, I had to switch the right one to the left slot to continue charging. I don't know if this is unique to the device I have, or if it is in the design for the product. I considered dropping half a star from my review for it, but Amazon doesn't do half-stars, and I can't drop a full star for a novelty feature that I will never actually use.

K. Eshed

This is a different take on the drab charger for the rechargeable batteries.

1. Better LED Display allowing for much better understanding of Charge level as well as battery conditioning.
2. Acts as a Powerbank in a pinch.
3. Smart Selection of Charging mode. Think of Rapid charging for batteries.
4. Avoids Overcharging

1. Only two batteries can be charged at a time.
2. There's no wall Plug included.

Essentially this is a charger for two AA, AAA, AAAA or C batteries. Unlike traditional chargers which feature a built in wall plug, this item has a wire with a USB to MicroUSB conversion. Under normal usage it will be plugged into wall via a USB charger plug (Not Included). In a pinch you could plug the USB end of the wire into the full USB port on the device and plug the microusb end into your phone. In such a case you will be required to put in two C Rechargeable batteries included.

Similar to Qi Rapid chargers for android phones (Lightning chargers for iPhone), this device determines charging current based on charge left on the batteries. This is rather innovative and reduces the charge times. There's also a Conditioning Mode which can resuscitate dying rechargeable batteries. Mind you I have not tested that part as yet.